Lines and Grays! Work-in-Progress #1: Turn “A” Dual Build

I just noticed that whenever I’m doing these dual builds, the first work-in-progress post often happens after building the head and torso. You can check the other ones here but I believe this has been the case for the most part. And that is exactly the case for what I’m calling the “Turn “A” Dual Build.”

Building the torso units of both kits ain’t straight forward. For the HGCC Turn “A” Gundam, all the internal bits in the open hatch replacement parts needed a coat of gray paint. I did some finicky masking on the front part since the gray internals are all over and the remaining blue panels are sandwiched in between On the other hand, the HGBF Turn “A” Gundam Shin torso is more gray than the bluish-green plastic it’s molded. In either case, I think both turned out pretty well and I’m ready to move on to the next parts.

Outside of the massive amounts of panel lines needed, the are several parts that still needed detail painting and I’m going though each first before assembling the larger components.


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