Building the Groove Back: Entry Grade RX-78-2 Gundam

Back in March, I made a post basically explaining why I haven’t touched a runner and built a model kit since 2020 started. Well, that changed yesterday as I finally started building a model kit, albeit a much simpler one than usual.

The recent announcement of the Entry Grade Strike Gundam made me think and decide to finally start building and get back to the groove of things, again granted that this is a simpler kit. I only got to do the head and upper torso as I just tinkered an hour before sleeping but it made me realize how good this kit really is.

It’s also satisfying being able to take out a part from the runner without any tools, though I still cleaned the parts afterwards. I am also not cutting corners and will be putting the same level of detail work (if you could call it like that) I usually put in my builds. For this kit, it’s mostly some paint on vents and other small details.

Once I complete this kit, I’m looking at going back to my original plan of dual-building the HGCC Turn A Gundam and HGBF Turn A Gundam Shin. But I’m also looking at doing some minimum effort Super Minipla Super Sentai kits. Heck, I’m also looking at finishing the HGUC Narrative Gundam A-Packs. Oh so many things to do.


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