News Catch Up: Model Kit Solicitations, April 2021

Several solicitations of upcoming model kits have recently went up, but I’ll just focus on a couple (literally) that interest me for this round of news catch up.

Construction of the 1/1 Freedom Gundam in Shanghai as part of the Gundam China Project (or GCP) has been completed. As such, Bandai Spirits has started solicitations on the limited kits as part of this attraction. One of them is the SD Gundam EX Standard kit (seriously, why are they still bothering with this line when we have the much better SD Gundam Cross Silhouette ones), and the other being the 1/100 Full Mechanics Freedom Gundam (Ver. GCP). This would technically be the second kit in the relaunched Full Mechanics line following the yet-to-be released Calamity Gundam.

The solicitation also gave us a better look of the design, which is basically the RG Freedom Gundam with some changes. Most notable of these are the addition of gold parts in some areas of the outer armor and the inner frame. The use of gold parts further connects the design lineage of the Freedom Gundam to the Strike Freedom Gundam. Just like in the life sized statue, there are support struts connected to each Plasma Beam Cannon at its back. But you can definitely remove them and pose this guy just like any other Freedom Gundam model kit.

Full Mechanics 1/100 Freedom Gundam (Ver. GCP)
August 2021 / ¥4,000

Solicitations are also up for MODEROID AV-0 Peacemaker, which looks very similar to the previously released AV-X0 Type Zero but not necessarily related as per canon. Both are intended to be replacements for the Ingram units.

Both the Peacemaker and the Type Zero have similar sleek aesthetics but the latter looks more evil thanks to the claw-like manipulators and the more exaggerated proportions. So much so that they’re actually re-releasing the Type Zero, which I really appreciate as I wasn’t able to get one during the first production run. Like previous MODEROID releases, it will include parts to build its standard set of accessories using colored runners, transparent and pre-painted parts, as well as water-slide decals to build your kit as either unit 1 or 2.

MODEROID 1/60 Peacemaker
November 2021 / ¥4,500

MODEROID 1/60 Type Zero
August 2021 / ¥4,500


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