Because More Wings: RG Wing Gundam

Bandai Spirits once gave a tease of all the Gundams from Endless Waltz eventually getting Real Grade kits. But with releases of the Master Grades with additional weapon parts still underway, it looks like those RG kits will have to wait. So in the meantime, the focus shifts into the TV version as they announced the RG Wing Gundam in January. As solicitations finally opened, more details have been revealed about this kit as well.

Outside of non-Gundam kits, Wing Gundam is the first Real Grade to further expand the line beyond the Universal Century, Cosmic Era, and Anno Domini timelines. As with most Real Grades, this kit features multiple shades of color, more ‘realistic’ surface detail, and a fully integrated transformation.

I really like when they do these expanded views that show the internal frame. Granted it’s not like a Master Grade’s but it still looks amazing. It also retains its transformation feature as seen here.

Its Bird Mode transformation is very simple so that’s expected. What’s not expected is another transformation they’re introducing and supposedly aligned to the original design as well. I’m not sure what this mode is called but it has a more bird-like appearance with the forward claws and legs. The additional wing segments also reinforces this second transformation. Not sure how practical this is but hey, it’s there.

If you’re looking for the Advanced MS Joint, it’s still there, but reduced to just at the hinge joint of the wing binders. I like how they’re slowly but surely decreasing the Advanced MS Joint parts as these were the main culprits behind the instability of older Real Grades. Outside of replacement hands (and I don’t think we’re getting fully poseable ones here), it includes the signature buster rifle with removable energy cartridges, and an opening shield that stores the beam saber hilt.

I appreciate what Bandai Spirits is trying to do here, but to be honest, I’m already satisfied with my High Grade versions. That said, this guy would be a good comparison piece to the RG Wing Gundam EW released some time back. I would also prefer it they released a Real Grade of the Wing Gundam Proto Zero instead of the vanilla Wing Zero. But we’ll just have to wait.

RG 1/144 Wing Gundam
June 2021 / ¥3,200


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