To Pass Up or Not? MODEROID Braiger

As far as mecha anime trilogies go, I mostly know the “Robot Romance Trilogy” which include Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V, Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V, and General Daimos. Apparently, there’s another one and it’s called the “J9 Series” where each series has a “J9” variable team of pilots. This trilogy included Galaxy Cyclone Braiger, Galactic Gale Baxingar, and Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger. Unlike the other trilogy, the J9 Series are actually connected, albeit separated by at least 200 years.

And with that introduction out of the way, Good Smile Company has started solicitations for one of the kits they revealed during The GATTAI Exhibition, MODEROID Braiger.

Braiger is your standard fare of 80s super robot, which means it’s multicolored for selling that important merch at the time of broadcast, and it also has a humanoid face with an opening mouth, because. It also has a pre-requisite transformation, and in fact, it has two.

Included with the kit are parts that allow you to transform Braiger into either the Brai-Thunder, which is essentially a car; or the Brai-Star, its very pointed flight form. I really hate how these kits force me two get two copies whenever I decide to get them. Anyway, when transformed back into Braiger, the kit stands at around 170 mm.

The kit also comes with all the weapons and accessories Braiger used in the series. These are the Brai-Spear, two Brai-Cannons which can also be stored at the back, and the Brai-Sword which allows you to recreate one of its more iconic poses in the opening titles. It also comes with a replacement face part to replicate that important opening mouth ‘feature’.

To be honest, the more I look at this thing, the more I appreciate its design. As this is part of the J9 Trilogy, it can be safe to assume that Good Smile Company will eventually release Baxingar and Sasuraiger as MODEROID kits — which is another reason to get this guy.

August 2021 / ¥6,818


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