My Unsolicited Thoughts: Metal Robot Spirits (Ka signature) ⟨Side MS⟩ Zeta Gundam

I’m not exactly the greatest fan of the Zeta Gundam design, but I really appreciate what they were going for. Designed during a time where transforming robots are the craze, the Zeta Gundam has become one of the more iconic mobile suits in the franchise. That said, its transformation scheme isn’t exactly the simplest and Bandai Spirits still struggles replicating it at a smaller scale, case in point being its infamous Real Grade counterpart. And so, Tamashii Nations decides to take a shot at it…

… with the Metal Robot Spirits (Ka signature) ⟨Side MS⟩ Zeta Gundam. The figure is released as part of the series’ 35th anniversary, made even more special by the “Ka signature” branding so expect all levels of details coming from the prolific designer himself.

A problem that most transforming Zeta Gundam model kits encounter is stability, thanks to how the parts go all over the place during transformation. Tamashii Nations attempts to solve this by incorporating die-cast parts into key sections of the transforming frame. Based on the promo video above, it looks like they do address the common Achilles’ Heel of previous releases — the hip assembly. They also mentioned that being a pre-assembled figure adds more stability and makes the dynamic transformation possible. This should technically be true but you also have to consider possible QC issues.

In any case, those who wanted a transforming Zeta Gundam in a sort-of 1/144 or desktop scale, here’s a great option, especially if it’s not a Tamashii Web exclusive.

Metal Robot Spirits (Ka signature) ⟨Side MS⟩ Zeta Gundam
June 2021 / ¥15,000

2 thoughts on “My Unsolicited Thoughts: Metal Robot Spirits (Ka signature) ⟨Side MS⟩ Zeta Gundam

  1. Has any toy company ever nailed a fully transformable Zeta Gundam figure without resorting to parts forming, using the wave shooter design, limiting articulation or sacrificing build integrity?

    It’s been a while since anyone ever attempted again at a fully transfomable Zeta Gundam figure, so I’m very hyped for this. If this figure turns out to be a state of the art transformable mecha action figure, even if it costs me my kidney.

  2. Well technically speaking, both Master Grade versions and the Perfect Grade did a fairly accurate and transforming Zeta Gundam though the same isn’t the case for the smaller, 1/144-ish scale that this figure is aiming for. And after the debacle that is the Real Grade, many would be wanting to get this guy instead.


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