They’re Back! Mini Action GOD SIGMA

Action Toys made a hit in 2020 with the Mini Action series of fully transformable and combining figures at the desktop or portable scale. I’ve already laid out my thoughts, and approval of this line in a previous post so I was really looking forward to the next release. When they announced a Mini Deformed God Sigma late last year, I initially thought that they’ll also release the Mini Action version at the same time, just like with the first 4 sets. But it looks like they took a back seat and decided to release them one at a time instead.

In any case, they’ve finally released a preview for Mini Action God Sigma and it really looks great on these promotional images. Tamashii Nations previously made a God Sigma figure as part of their Super Robot Chogokin line but that one has no transformation or combination features. I also often compare God Sigma to another super robot of similar name and similar combination style — God Mars. Except that this one is comprised of three robots against the five of God Mars.

Given that they were able to engineer a complicated transformation with Atlas from their Daltanious set, I’m sure this one would be a piece of cake for them. No price or release date has been set though I’m sure to get this one!


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