Expensive is an Understatement: Hito Kara Kuri Arkham Knight (Batman: Arkham Knight)

I was under a rock when this was first revealed back in mid-2020, but it is freaking 2020 so everyone has a pass for not knowing what’s being announced. Anyway, so back then, Flame Toys revealed their Hito Kara Kuri (what’s with the tongue twister product lines) Arkham Knight from the game of the same title, Batman: Arkham Knight. It is a thing of beauty, but the ¥20,000 or roughly $200 price tag is very much detracted those who wanted to get one.

Hito Kara Kuri Arkham Knight was slated to be released last December, but like most things in 2020, it got pushed back and now, Flame Toys has revealed factory sample, making its release a much closer deal.

Much like Mezco Toyz and their One:12 Collective line, Flame Toys had liberties with the original Arkham Knight design. It ditches the original villainous cloth costume and goes for a more robotic armored aesthetic thanks to the designers from Chemical Attack. It’s also made from a mixture of ABS, PVC, and die cast material so there’s definite heft once this thing is in your hand.

Much like their Kuro Kara Kuri line which mostly featured poseable Transformers figures, the Hito Kara Kuri Arkham Knight is also very poseable, totally mimicking the Arkham Knight as he does his acrobatics as seen in the games. It also comes with some accessories, including replacement hands, knives, and a plethora of guns and rifles.

It is a gorgeous-looking figure, but that price tag is just way to expensive. You could just add a couple thousand yen and you already have an S.H.Figuarts Hulkbuster, which is more bang for your buck. But I guess a release like this has its markets.

Hito Kura Kuri Arkham Knight (Batman: Arkham Knight)
January 2021 / ¥20,000


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