New “Project Pale Rider” Revealed: HGUC Pale Rider Cavalry

It’s been a while since Bandai Spirits released the online exclusive HGUC Pale Rider kits as tie-ins to the game Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories back in 2014. This included the space type, ground heavy equipment type, and its descendant, the Todesritter. Seven years later, they are starting a new “Project Pale Rider” campaign and it all starts with the kit representing the culmination of the Pale Rider Plan, the HGUC Pale Rider Cavalry.

To those unfamiliar, the RX-80PR-2 Pale Rider Cavalry is a prototype mobile suit meant as a mass production test unit, hence the “cavalry” in its name. It also looks more Gundam-like with the v-fin antenna and color scheme. It still has the HADES system as well though in a limited version that can still go berserk.

The kit itself is a retool of the HGUC Pale Rider so building this guy should still be familiar. Much like the original, you have the option of building it in normal operating mode or with the HADES System active though the use of different color correcting stickers. I still prefer painting over these areas of course.

A defining characteristic of the Pale Rider Cavalry that’s included with this kit is the composite weapon “Shekinah”, combining a gatling gun, a mega beam launcher, and a micro missile launcher into a single package. It can be displayed with the open missile hatch via replacement parts, and attached to the right waist unit through the included wire. Other weapons include a beam javelin, and the standard complement of a beam rifle, shield, and two beam sabers.

I actually forgot if I was able to secure a pre-order of the HGUC Todesritter though having both previously released HGUC Pale Rider kits in my backlog, it’s a no-brainer that I should also get this guy. But then again, there’s the aforementioned Project Pale Rider and I have absolutely no idea of the kits to be featured there. More details will be revealed on January 7, 2021 as the special website opens.

HGUC 1/144 Pale Rider Cavalry
April 2021 / ¥2,200


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