Call Me Excited! Iron Man and Marvel Studios Announcements

I was just planning to share the latest Iron Man armor design from the recently relaunched Iron Man #1 last September. But with the slew of announcements Marvel Studios made during the Investor Day event earlier, it looks like there’s a lot more to be excited about.

Iron Man #1

Marvel wanted to bring Tony Stark back to his roots with this relaunched Iron Man serial. The first issue came out last September, and is being written by Christopher Cantwell with illustrations from CAFU. It also featured a new Iron Man armor design, as seen above, courtesy of Alex Ross no less. This design is the Iron Man Model 70 and it harkens back to the classic armor look. It also features multiple Repulsors or Arc Reactors, which has been a signature of most modern armors. I am sure that Hasbro will make a Marvel Legends Series figure of this guy sooner or later but for now, here’s our new Iron Man in all his glory.

Marvel Studios Announcements

As mentioned, Disney had its Investors Day earlier where Marvel Studios revealed even more new feature films and original series for their Disney+ streaming platform. For the Iron Man collector in me, two of these caught my attention.

Ironheart Models 1, 2, and 3.

Yes, we are getting Ironheart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! To those unfamiliar, Ironheart is the story of Riri Williams, a young engineering student who was able to take an old Iron Man suit and reverse engineer it to create her own. Thus, becoming the official successor of Tony Stark’s legacy as Iron Man. And in case you have forgotten, Tony Stark is already dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so pulling her character in makes perfect sense.

I also have here the various iterations of the Ironheart armor she has used in the comics. And I can imagine whatever they’ll come up for her upcoming series, they’ll likely based upon the designs seen here. So it’s really interesting how they’ll go about her character and her story overall. Marvel Studios’ Ironheart is slated to drop on Disney+ soon with Dominique Thorne playing the titular character.

Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo

Then there’s Armor Wars, a classic Iron Man story that ran in the 80s and tells the story of Tony Stark’s quest to bring back stolen technology being used by various entities for nefarious purposes. With Iron Man gone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s up to War Machine, to do the job.

Of course, we can’t do an Armor Wars story without enemy armor units. So I have here a couple of those that appeared in the original comic book arc and am hoping to see in the Disney+ series. We did see a Crimson Dynamo armor in the Iron Man 2 game but that’s not really canon so I still hope either one or both to appear. And of course, are we getting a new War Machine armor? Speaking of War Machine, Don Cheadle is set to reprise the role of James Rhodes. Marvel Studios’ Armor Wars will be coming soon to Disney+.

While it may appear that I’m more excited for the merch with these announcements, I’m also very much looking forward to how these classic stories will be adapted and where these would bring the characters we know and love.


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