Everyone’s Complete! New MODEROID “The Vision of Escaflowne” Kits

Bandai Spirits basically slayed this weekend with their line up of upcoming Gunpla releases thanks to Gunpla Expo Tokyo 2020. That said, Good Smile Company also had new kits revealed this weekend. It may not be as many as the Gunpla announcements but these new kits will essentially complete your MODEROID The Vision of Escaflowne collection. If you remember, they released Escaflowne early in 2020 and they haven’t announced any follow up since, until now.

MODEROID Schehezade

Yes, we’re finally getting the Scherezade, Allen Schezar’s personal Asturian guymelef. Scherezade was always portrayed as a guymelef with an elegant swordsmanship and this kit perfect depicts the same. The sculpt is very accurate to the animation model and still allows great poseability via the use of various joint assemblies. It also comes with pre-painted parts to look very accurate straight out of the box, as well as clear parts for the shoulder-mounted Energists.

Much like Escaflowne, Scherezade is also a cape-wearing guymelef and you are given the option of either using the hard plastic cape for static neutral poses, or a fabric cape that won’t impede articulation for those dynamic poses.

MODEROID Scherezade
April 2021 / ¥5,000

MODEROID Alseides [Dilandau Albatou Custom]

Now we go to the Zaibach Empire with the Alseides, their workforce guymelef. This is the one being used by their ace (?) pilot Dilandau Albatou in what appears to be an homage to the red mobile suits used by Char Aznable. It’s overall design are mostly curvatures and this model kit captures the silhouette quite well. Alseides units don’t have visible manipulators or hands like other guymelefs and instead have Crima Claws. Each claw also has nozzles where liquid metal comes out and can form any kind of weaponry. This kit comes with parts to build a liquid metal-based sword-like weapon. It also comes with translucent parts for the Energists on its shoulders.

Like Scherezade, this kit also comes with a plastic or a cloth cape you can use in whatever display setup you may have. Oh and one more thing, the Alseides has a simple flight form transformation that appears like both feet combining to a single structure. Much like Escaflowne, though, this kit doesn’t feature any transformation. But you can still put the kit into a variety of dynamic poses.

MODEROID Alseides [Dilandau Albatou Custom]
June 2021 / ¥5,000


The mass production version of the Alseides is more or less the same with Dilandau’s custom machine, albeit the blue color scheme and lack of a commander’s fin on the head unit. It also comes with the same set of accessories and use of translucent plastic.

June 2021 / ¥5,000


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