Consistency and Creativity: Welcome 2020!

First and foremost, cheers as we welcome the new decade and of course, the new year! Personally speaking, while 2019 is all about “refresh and renewal” for the hobby, the year isn’t the best I’ve had recently. There were a lot of heavy hitters and challenges, but we still managed to pull through and end 2019 on a very positive note.

And so to welcome 2020, the CATALOGUE will be adapting a new mantra — Consistency and Creativity — because we just can’t have renewed passion and get nothing out of it, right? As proof of this, I am presenting the next two, yes two, CATALOGUE Entries that will open the new year.

The Next CATALOGUE Entries: C-3P0 × Optimus Prime

The second Transformers entry on the CATALOGUE will be this well-received version of Optimus Prime from Bumblebee (2018). And since it’s still Star Wars season, divisive opinions on The Rise of Skywalker notwithstanding, the first of the franchise to appear on the site is The Force Awakens version of C-3PO.

We have a lot of things to look forward in 2020, including the Gunpla 40th Anniversary, so here’s to another 366 days of opportunity to be consistent and creative!


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