Pre-Ordered Immediately! MODEROID Escaflowne

Here’s a confession. Every time there’s a hobby show or toy show, I’m always hoping that one of the companies there would have an Escaflowne figure or model kit on display. Whether it’s Bandai Spirits or Kotobukiya, I really find it odd that no one has made a modern Escaflowne figure or model kit. Well, we had the perfectly transforming Studio Halfeye figure, but it would be better if getting one won’t require selling my leg or something. And after a long while, we are getting one thanks to the amazing people at Good Smile Company.

Pre-Ordered Immediately! MODEROID Escaflowne

Here is MODEROID Escaflowne in full color. First things first, it doesn’t transform and I’m totally okay with that. If you search a review of the Studio Halfeye version, you will find out that the transformation is one complicated puzzle so I’m totally fine with this. You can also see that it will use clear parts for both Drag-Energist on the left chest and the green shoulder Energists. It will also come with pre-painted parts for the head and chest decorative designs.

Pre-Ordered Immediately! MODEROID Escaflowne

Most Guymelefs, the mecha in Escaflowne, have capes and Escaflowne definitely has one. And we’re always on the crossroad if plastic capes are better than cloth ones. The former may look better but would possibly hinder articulation, while the latter may pose better but would look awkward if not made properly. Well for this guy, we are getting both. So if you’ll just have the kit on a neutral standing pose, you have the option of the better looking plastic cape — which separates into two segments. Or if you want to be more dynamic in poses, there’s the cloth cape, though I’m not sure if it has a wire to keep its shape.

Pre-Ordered Immediately! MODEROID Escaflowne

And while we’re in accessories, the kit would only come with just one — its sword. It’s usually stored at the back of the helmet / head unit and I think the kit will be replicating the same. As for poseability, Guymelefs aren’t really high-flying machines of martial arts. They are clunky and slow-moving but very elegant when fighting. That’s not to say that this kit has limited poseability, though based on these images, I can see some joint designs that have limitations.

Pre-Ordered Immediately! MODEROID Escaflowne

Regardless of some negatives, I had already pre-ordered this guy since day one as I’ve waited for an Escaflowne something for so long.

MODEROID Escaflowne
March 2020 / ¥3,909


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