30 Minutes Missions

I still don’t have a complete understanding on Bandai Spirits’ Funporter brand, not to mention that the name sounds awful in my opinion. In any case, a new model kit line will be coming out of the brand and I’m quite interested in the potential this new line will have.

The line is called 30 Minutes Missions and I’m not really sure how’d they come up with that name. Maybe the kits can be assembled in 30 minutes? Anyway, these are 1/144 scale kits of mass produced units with emphasis on ease of assembly, army-building, and customization. The clip also shows the two primary models, the eEXM-17 Alto and the bEXM-15 Portanova, with each having multiple color variant kits. They are also promoting ease of assembly with cues taken from the HGAC Leo where parts belonging to the same sub-assemblies are grouped on the runners.

The line also presents multiple ways of customization. Using a common joint system would allow kits to be mixed and matched with each other. Hard points are also located on the armor parts for additional weapon attachments. Finally, option parts and weapon sets are also set for release for more customization options.

I really find this line interesting and it probably wouldn’t hurt getting a kit or two. The ease of assembly combined with the customization possibilities would really allow anyone to create their own personal 30MM (that’s their preferred shorthand) unit.

30MM 1/144 eEXM-17 Alto [White]
June 2019 / ¥1,382

30MM 1/144 eEXM-17 Portanova [Dark Gray]
July 2019 / ¥1,382


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