Random “Gundam Thunderbolt” Stuff: Fake Gundams

There's no word when the next anime adaptation of Gundam Thunderbolt would drop, but it is giving time for the original manga to move forward with the story. And based on the latest chapters, a couple of interesting mobile suits have been revealed. First and foremost, this isn't a real Gundam. This unnamed mobile suit … Continue reading Random “Gundam Thunderbolt” Stuff: Fake Gundams

One Shots / “Grounded Combat”

Engaged in combat, the two 08th MS Team units were surprised when the blue Gundam-looking mobile suit suddenly landed beside them. Its IFF registered a friendly, and the succeeding transmission mentioned the same. Wasting no time, the three got into formation and prepared themselves for the incoming enemy strike.

One High Grade Please, Bandai Spirits! RX-79[G]BO Gundam Bouncer

I was making my usual rounds of Gundam stuff online when I again stumbled upon a design I really liked the first time I saw it a year or so ago. So much so that I already imagined how a CATALOGUE Entry of it would look... #1*** / Hobby Japan Scratch Build // RX-79[G]BO Gundam … Continue reading One High Grade Please, Bandai Spirits! RX-79[G]BO Gundam Bouncer