Samus and (One) More! #SmileFest 2022 Tokyo: “Metroid Dread”

I almost forgot to post this, but we did get samples and prototype images of the upcoming Figma releases from Metroid Dread.

I forgot which Good Smile Company event it was, but they previously announced doing Figma releases from Metroid Dread though they only got illustrations to show. Now we have colored prototype shots of Samus Aran in the latest version of her Varia Suit. I’m not the most knowledgeable of the Metroid franchise so I don’t know how this differs from her previous ones. But what’s very notable is ditching the iconic yellow and gold colors in favor of a cooler palette with white and blue.

I’m basically a Figma Metroid completionist at this point so I’ll likely get this figure once it is released.

The this is the “one more” in the post title. Besides Samus, they also showed a gray prototype of one of the antagonists in Metroid Dread, the Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier or E.M.M.I. for short. There are multiple E.M.M.I. units seen in the game and what they are planning to release is the E.M.M.I.-02SM. It’s primarily bipedal but it can also take a quadruped form, at least based on the YouTube clips I saw of Samus fighting these things.

I would also love to put this guy in the same display, or at least photo, as the Atlas and P-Body from Portal.

No release information has been provided for these two figures though you can definitely count me in when these come out.


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