I Want One, I Probably Won’t Get One: #RiseOfTheBeasts Transformers Studio Series SCOURGE

Face-turned-faction symbol: Scourge and the Terrorcons.

Here’s to more stolen-slash-leaked Chinese toys as some folks have gotten their hands on the upcoming Transformers Studio Series Scourge from Transformers: Rise of the Beasts appear. These ones are from Sonic Bomber-Core over at Facebook and I just did some color correction to bring out more details.

I also mentioned this when Studio Series Galvatron from Age of Extinction was revealed, but while I’m primarily an Optimus Prime collector, these live action movie truck Transformers also get my attention. Especially if they’re the primary villains like Scourge over here, the aforementioned Galvatron, or even Megatron from Dark of the Moon.

Anyway, this is the Studio Series leader class Scourge and yes, it does have that face sculpt that also acts as the faction symbol of the Terrorcons, one of the villains in the movie. He does look monochromatic so while the figure looks good despite the rather dull color scheme, I’m hoping the on-screen version doesn’t look like random metallic shards like most Transformers from the earlier films.

What immediately stood out for me are the weapons that come with this guy. On its right arm is some sort of dual-bladed weapon while its left hand can change configuration from a cannon to a claw with four digits. As you can see in the rear shot, you can also store the cannon at its back.

Yes, theres’ a gap on the front of the truck, which is more visible when seen directly from the side.

In vehicle mode, Scourge becomes a very edgy truck with gold highlights and streaks. You can also see the orange translucent windows which give me The Fallen vibes. You can notice on its front grill several faction symbols placed as some sort of trophy, I guess. I’m curious with those on the leftmost and rightmost sides as those on the central section appear to be for Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons.

Again, it does look good and makes me curious, but I probably won’t get one. We’ll see.


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