Theory Confirmed! “Gundam the Witch from Mercury” #14 Plot Reveals #G_Witch #水星の魔女

The following will obviously contain spoilers for the latest episode of Gundam the Witch from Mercury. Read at your own risk.

We are just two episodes into the second season of Gundam the Witch from Mercury and they finally decided to answer one of the questions everyone has been speculating since the opening episodes of season one, and all the disturbing stuff it entails.

At least she’s now aware how Prospera’s basically using Suletta.

So first we’re given more information on what Quiet Zero is all about. It’s basically centered on utilizing data storms, the side-effect of GUND Format technology in mobile suits that hurt humans. On the flip side, it also allows the formation of hyper-dense information systems. When these data storms are used correctly, you can gain control of systems via Permet links. It is the phenomenon that appears when Gundam Aerial reaches Permet score six. They’re supposed to eliminate conflict with it but I still can’t see how at the moment.

The more disturbing information we got this episode is how Gundam Aerial is able to do this ability, and why Suletta isn’t affected by the data storms that plague other Gundam pilots. That’s because there’s another “person” actually doing the leg work, and this is the theory that many had speculated before. Prospera gave Ericht Samaya a “new body” via the Aerial. I’m not sure if this was done with Quiet Zero in mind or if she did it way before and Delling Rembran just got wind of it afterwards.

The laughing children sounds they’re using during this scene is still creepy as heck.

The other question now is, what’s Suletta Mercury supposed to be? Is she another daughter of Prospera, which we doubt since her husband was also a casualty in the Vanadis attack. Is she a clone, or even an artificial being made entirely from GUND Format technology? I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be one of the worse options here as is already crazy enough to turn her daughter into a mobile suit system.

Add this to the list of visual homages Gundam the Witch from Mercury has done.

As a bonus, we also got the new Gundvölva units, one of the previously unnamed Gundam-looking mobile suits during one of the new kit reveals for the series. They’re not exactly Gundams but more of GUND Bit mobile suits, in the same vein as the bit mobile suits are in Gundam X.

You know something’s wrong when she’s apparently happy and validated but tears continue to fall from her eyes.

Suletta is still impervious to this but I can see cracks forming in her brainwashing in the final sequence of this episode as she tears up while affirming all the supposedly good things she did.

Things are finally picking up from what seemed to be more high school hijinks as we got the first death of the season, and with the Earth House folks being called for what happened in Plant Quetta. We also see Chu Chu getting some of the trauma from the experience as well so we’ll see how that will turn out.



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