I Can Get Past the Title: “Gundam Build Metaverse” Teased

I know I’m not alone when my knee jerk reaction to the word “metaverse” is to cringe to the ends of the Earth. I know I’m also not alone when I reminisce about the fun that the first Gundam Build Fighters series brought. So, what the folks at Bandai/Sunrise think as the best fusion of these two concepts, is a dream battle project aimed at celebrating the 10 years of the “Gundam Build” series. Yes folks, it’s been a decade and as such, we are getting Gundam Build Metaverse.

I know Bandai is trying to put up a Gundam Metaverse or something since they announced it a couple or so years ago. Personally, I don’t care about the whole thing but as far as the next evolution of the Gundam Build concept is concerned, it does make sense. I will just talk about the anime and Gunpla, to which not much has been revealed except for a teaser trailer and a shot of what would be the main protagonist Gunpla.

It’s a very tight head shot though the design seems to be from the Strike or Freedom Gundam lineage, but I could be wrong as well. Other than this guy, Gundam Build Metaverse will be a 3-episode online special to be released in October 2023, similar to the 6-episode Gundam Breaker Battlogue in 2021. To be honest, I just want the Build Fighter and Build Diver characters to crossover for some reason that won’t make much sense but will be so fun to watch.

So, while waiting for more information about this project, I’ll leave you this teaser trailer to the tune of the best BGM from all of the Gundam Build series.



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