HG Aussenseiter When? Hobby Next Phase 2023 Spring: HG DyGenGuar

Hot off the heels from the last Super Robot Wars OG High Grade kit, the HG Huckebein Mk-II, Bandai Spirits follows it up with possible one of the more popular designs from the game franchise, and if you’re one of those hot-blooded builders hunting the old Kotobukiya kit, then hunt no more as we’re getting the HG DyGenGuar next!

To those unfamiliar, DyGenGuar is the first of the two Dynamic General Guardian units in Super Robot Wars OG piloted by Sänger Sombold. In fact, he came up with the name “DyGenGuar”, which is shorthand Dynamic General Guardian. The second unit is Aussenseiter which transforms into a horse the DyGenGuar rides on.

Like, they shouldn’t release a DyGenGuar kit without an Aussenseiter down the road, right?

Sänger Sombold is a swordsman, and this is very much reflected in DyGenGuar with its fighting style and primary weapon, the Sanshiki Zankantou. Its default form is a super robot-sized Katana and when deployed, transforms into a massive super robot-sized broadsword. So much so that the kit will likely need the included Action Base to prop it up and display in the “Sunrise/Obari pose.”

In case the Sanshiki Zankantou isn’t enough, DyGenGuar also has a couple more attacks in its disposal. First is the General Blaster which are a pair of blasters located on its shoulders — yes, those circular things. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with effect parts to replicate the attack. Its other attack is the Dynamic Knuckle, a quintissential rocket punch. Each forearm is removable and can be mounted on the included Action Base.

A particular feature that caught my interest is how they explain the use of excellent parts separation and layering that would allow great color accuracy without the use of stickers. Now I hope the same can be said with the optional hand/manipulator parts included with this kit as the digits are colored differently than the rest of the hand. And other than those replacement hands, that’s it. Pretty basic in terms of accessories but the kit banks on excellent articulation and the swords for dynamic display options.

This is another Super Robot Wars OG machine in my wheelhouse, so I’m definitely picking up one. And as mentioned, I’m expecting Bandai Spirits to do an HG Aussenseiter to complement this guy. As to whether that will transform or not is a topic for the day it gets announced.

HG DyGenGuar
August 2023 / ¥5,200
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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