Stuff on (top of) the Office Desk: Large Space Jet! HasLab Transformers Victory Saber

I know no one is asking this question, but I’d like to clarify that all these office desk photos are taken on my mobile phone. Not the worst, but definitely not of the same quality as my CATALOGUE Entries.

It’s been a month or so since I picked up my copy of the HasLab Victory Saber and I’m still keeping it in the office as it is an awesome display piece. I’m also taking my precious time in transforming both Star Saber and Victory Leo as individual figures seen in my previous office desk photos. So, this time, I’ve decided to finally combine the two, at least in their vehicle modes.

Victory Saber, in its space-jet-of-justice mode, is definitely an impressive piece despite looking all retro super robot. It’s also quite hefty and you can feel that Hasbro didn’t cheap out on this release, given that they technically didn’t have the constraint of a specific price point for this set. I do want to mention that while the included display stand is able to support the figure, it’s not the most stable and it will wobble so consider this if you’re placing this thing on a high shelf or something.

Lastly, while I will advise against manhandling it and whooshing it like an overgrown child, I can’t blame anyone doing it because it is that impressive. Next time you see this guy on the office desk, it’ll be in robot mode.



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