Box Art Extravaganza: March 2023

A little bit late, and some of the kits here were already released, but I still wanted to feature a couple of packaging arts from the March 2023 releases.

HG Huckebein Mk-II
March 11, 2023 / ¥4,500
Order via HobbyLink Japan

It still baffles me a little why Bandai Spirits decided to go with the Mk-II rather than its predecessor unit. The only reason I could think is that since Tamashii Nations recently released the Huckebein in the Metal Robot Spirits line, the hobby division guys didn’t want to steal their thunder and release an arguably cheaper option with an HG Huckebein.

Regardless, I bet many fans wanted Bandai Spirits to do a Huckebein kit after Kotobukiya did their version years back, me included. I’ve yet to check out out-of-box reviews thanks to work stuff but I have a feeling I’ll enjoy this kit in one way or another. And of course, I can’t wait for the HG Huckebein and Huckebein Mk-III kits, even Huckebein Boxer or Exbein if they really wanted to.

Full Mechanics 1/100 Gundam Aerial
April 22, 2023 / ¥3,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

Going into Gundam the Witch from Mercury territory, it’s time Bandai Spirits give 1/100 scale collectors some love with the Full Mechanics 1/100 Gundam Aerial. Technically this is slated for an April release but much like other kits from the series, they wanted to build the hype earlier, especially with season 2 coming back on the same month. This box art reveal also provides us an idea of how packaging design for these Full Mechanics kits will be, especially with the line quickly becoming what’s essentially 1/100 scale High Grade kits.

HG 1/144 Gundam Lfrith Thorn
March 18, 2023 / ¥1,600
Order via HobbyLink Japan

Finally, we get the second of the Gundam Lfrith duo that appeared during the climax of Gundam the Witch from Mercury season 1 — Gundam Lfrith Thorn. Wonky proportions aside, I’ve come to appreciate this kit, especially after its debut and all, but not really to the point of getting one. But hey, that’s not a detriment to this kit, and I’m sure many will get this one. I do hope they explain in the series where they come from and what’s their relation to the original Gundam Lfrith.


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