Another One That Took a While: Marvel Legends Iron Man Model 1

I’ll replace these potato quality YouTube screen grabs once official images are out. Or just make a new post entirely.

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends team recently held a fan stream where they revealed around twenty or so upcoming figures, which will be killing a lot of collector wallets. Fortunately, I’m not a completist but I do collect Iron Man figures, and following the new Extremis Armor that has been trickling store shelves, the next comic book design they’ll release is Iron Man Model 1 which is a long time coming.

And when I say long time coming, it’s like almost two decades long as the last figure of this armor was back in the Toy Biz days (Link: #2003 / Marvel Legends Series / Iron Man Model 1 (“First Appearance”, 2006)) and while the original is still a relatively good figure, it definitely needs an update.

We don’t get that many details outside of the quick turnarounds displayed during the fan stream, though the figure will continue to have pin-less joints and will be made from swirly metallic silver plastic that some tend to like or dislike. It also doesn’t have the removable face plate feature that the original did though I hope it will come with a Tony Stark head accurate to his first appearance in the comics.

Hasbro has been doing a wonderful job with these updated Iron Man figures and if there’s one design desperately needing a modern update, it would be Ultimate Iron Man as the original was universally hated by collectors.


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