Hello Gamers! Transformers Studio Series – Gamer Edition Wave 1 Revealed

Unfortunately for Hasbro, this revealed has been spoiled by sleuthing work done on store computers and what not, but at least we now have images. So yes, Hasbro has finally revealed the first wave in a new off shoot of the Transformers Studio Series line which would be dedicated to figures from the games, just like what they’re doing with the Marvel Legends and Star Wars The Black Series lines.

Much like the Studio Series 86 subline is dedicated to characters from the 1986 animated movie, Transformers Studio Series – Gamer Edition would be a new subline covering Transformers designs from the various games throughout the franchise. They are kicking things off with what’s arguably one of the best Transformers games to date, Transformers: War for Cybertron and was released back in 2010. Man, I feel old.

To recall, Hasbro already did several figures from War for Cybertron as part of the original wave of Transformers Generations figures back in 2010. While these are still great figures even when compared to modern standards, these designs would definitely benefit from the engineering of current mainline releases.

Each figure will come in the same style of Studio Series plastic-free packaging, but now with a brushed metal motif over the teal that was used previously. They are also employing a new numbering scheme denoted by a d-pad symbol.

But being an Optimus Prime figure, my focus will of course be on this updated version of his Cybertronnian mode from the game. The original figure was a very solid figure and had a much-complicated transformation compared to other deluxe class releases. He’s now a voyager class figure to match other mainline Optimus Prime releases and will have 22 steps for the transformation. He will come with an axe and a blaster, and you can swap out his hands for the blaster for a more convincing transforming weapon look.

Being a Studio Series release, the figure will also come with a backdrop featuring the Kaon prison break scene from the game.

Transformers Studio Series – Gamer Edition Optimus Prime (War for Cybertron)
July 2023 / $34.99

While most Transformers games typically use G1 character models, there are still others that go out of their way and create fresh designs. And with the new Gamer Edition subline, we’ll now have better chances of getting these game-exclusive Transformers in figure form. I believe this will benefit the Fall of Cybertron designs the most as the original releases were severely underwhelming due to external economic conditions.

There’s also a rumor of a Transformers: Reactivate two-pack with Optimus Prime and Soundwave — and while their actual release statuses are unknown, Hasbro could easily fudge them into this new Gamer Edition subline.



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