#2003 / Marvel Legends Series / Iron Man Model 1 (“First Appearance”, 2006)

Product Line / Marvel Legends Series
Scale & Class / 1/12 Scale Action Figure
Manufacturer / Toy Biz
Release Date / 2006
Appearances / Tales of Suspense

It was already quite some time since Hasbro took over the Marvel Legends Series line when I started collecting Iron Man figures. That meant I have a lot of catching up to do, especially with the older Toy Biz releases. To those needing a refresher, Toy Biz started the Marvel Legends Series line in 2002 and was continued by Hasbro when they got the Marvel license around 2007. Older Iron Man figures use red paint that tends to fade over time so it’s a challenge getting those figures in good condition, despite being mint or sealed. Well, except for this silver Iron Man Model 1 figure, branded as the “First Appearance” version. Released in 2006, it came with the Mojo Build-a-Figure wave and also had a gold variant, which is technically Iron Man Model 1 Mark 2.

This is the definitive classic or retro Iron Man look, function over form, and a definite far cry from the fancier modern Iron Man aesthetic. The figure captures it well thanks to the overly plain design and complemented by the minimal weathering and battle damage. The Arc Reactor unit also stands out thanks to the gold paint and gives some variation to the otherwise monotonous armor. Articulation isn’t exactly the finest point of this figure, but for a design that’s supposed to be clunky, it works very well. Ratcheted universal joints are used in the shoulder and hip assemblies while the elbows and knees are on double hinges, but again limited by the design. It also has hinged wrists and individually articulated fingers, though the latter doesn’t work that well thanks to the weird positions the fingers are molded, so you really can’t make a clenched fist nor a flat palm. Outside the Build-a-Figure parts, Iron Man Model 1 doesn’t come with any accessories, unless you count the removable face plate which reveals none other than Tony Stark himself.