Mecha Smile Impact 2023: #MODEROID Police and Power Armors

Last year saw Good Smile Company release quite a few kits in this category, notable ones being the Power Loader from Aliens, MADOX-01 from the OVA of the same name, and Cain from Robocop 2. I initially pre-ordered two out of the three but eventually cancelled them all. Let’s see if I’ll do the same for the ones revealed this year.

MODEROID Hyper Red Jack Armor

Going into more obscure territory, this is MODEROID Hyper Red Jack Armor, the upgraded suit of our main protagonist in the series Armored Police Metal Jack. I’m once again not familiar with the story but it’s basically police utilizing advanced powered suits to do their police jobs.

You’ve seen this concept multiple times, but when not in use, the Hyper Red Jack Armor becomes the Red Cepter and is used as the personal vehicle of our main protagonist, Ken Kanzaki. He’s also included in this kit with his Jack Suit. Red Cepter can then break up into several components as armor for Ken Kanzaki and it becomes the Hyper Red Jack Armor.

It makes me curious why they are going ahead with the latter armor first. I’m guessing this is probably to gauge interest with this property and if there is, they’ll go ahead and do the other Jack Armors.

MODEROID RoboCop (RoboCop 3)

Both MODEROID ED-209, and MODEROID Cain, that’s slated for a March 2023 release, are in-scale and meant to be displayed with the previously released Hagane Works RoboCop. Those who missed that figure, because it’s quite expensive compared to the other RoboCop model kits, now have a chance to complete your display shelves with MODEROID RoboCop. Specifically, his appearance in RoboCop 3, which means it will include his Jet Pack unit and Arm Gun.

Since Good Smile Company has all the designs from the Hagane Works version, I assume this will be sort of a direct translation from figure to model kit. RoboCop’s armor has a darker purple hue but otherwise, it should be the same as the Hagane Works version, at least in appearance. He also comes with his trusty Auto 9 rifle, parts for the Access Spike, and his right thigh that opens to become the holder for his Auto 9.

I’ve passed on a lot of chances to get a RoboCop figure, including several MAFEX releases and Hiya Toys’ Exquisite Super 1/12 scale figure. This kit is technically non-scale though it will look good besides ED-209 and Cain. But I have neither of those so I’m still open as to which RoboCop figure to get. At least we have another option from the folks at Good Smile Company.

And that concludes my series of unsolicited thoughts for the kits revealed during Mecha Smile Impact 2023. I’ve said this before, but I really appreciate that Good Smile Company is willing to cover these obscure properties. It’s probably because all their bases are covered by the sales of their other items, but it only shows their passion of being able to bring these designs into modern model kit standards.

I do have several MODEROID kits in the backlog and I’m kind of pumped to pick some of them to build thanks to these reveals. Definitely looking forward to more surprises from this line.


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