Mecha Smile Impact 2023: #MODEROID Variable Mechanics

One thing I really like about MODEROID kits is sometimes they push the boundaries of model kits in terms of transformation in the same vein as SMP [Shokugan Modeling Project] releases. That said, I’m kind of refraining myself from purchasing transforming kits because these, more or less, fall out of my preferred size when completed. Though they did show some interesting ones during last weekend’s Mecha Smile Impact, so let’s take a look.

MODEROID Nirvash type ZERO

The final of the Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution movies came out last year, and I’m quite surprised that we didn’t get much as far as figures or model kits of the appearing mecha go. I guess, this is what happens when you really want to focus on the story and characters. But the movie still has quite the number of interesting mecha and I’m still surprised that there were no figures or model kits available.

The movie did bring interest back into this beloved franchise and then it makes sense that Good Smile Company announces a MODEROID kit of Nirvash type ZERO from the original series, Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven. Bandai Spirits released model kits from the series during its broadcast run, so they’re clearly not up to modern standards. Tamashii Nations then released figures though I didn’t manage to get copies so these upcoming kits would be my next best bet.

The kit promises to be articulate enough to replicate the Nirvash on a multitude of poses by itself or while on its liftboard. Because it’s not often you see surfing mecha outside of Transmetals Optimus Primal. You can also transform the kit into its vehicle form through the use of interchangeable parts. Nirvash has several forms throughout the series and I’m hoping those get released too, as well as the other mecha (or LFOs as they call it) from Eureka Seven.


Megazone 23 is another series I’m not too familiar with story-wise, but I have some familiarity with Garland, the main protagonist machine. It’s one of those motor vehicles that can transform into a powered suit, just like the Ride Armors from Mospeada.

MODEROID Garland is going to be a 1/24 scale model kit, the same scale as the more expensive figure released by Arcadia some years back. It also makes for a good-sized kit, around the same height as a Master Grade Gundam in Maneuver Slave mode. The kit will also feature full transformation and won’t rely on parts replacement for the conversion. The conversion process doesn’t appear to be that complex and I hope this won’t compromise the stability and articulation of the kit.


MODEROID Galvion is another instance of Good Smile Company saving collectors from QC hell brought about by what I think is the only other figure of this design, the Variable Action Hi-Spec version from MegaHouse. Yes, I’ve had quite a few experiences with that line. Anyway, this is Galvion from the series of the same name, and it’s a triple-changer if Transformers collectors would describe it.

Besides the robot mode, or Road Fighter as it’s referred to, Galvion can transform into a six-wheeled super car called Circus-1 and an in-between attack mode referred to as its Road Attacker mode. I wanted to say these transformations won’t require additional parts, but seeing the Road Attacker mode here, those curved sections that are supposed to be its thighs in robot mode are definitely exclusive to the Road Attacker mode. I can’t tell for the rest of the transformations but it’s probably a mix of actual conversion and use of replacement parts.

Having a sports car mode, I am also hoping that some of those markings, especially the large “Circus-1” ones, would be water slide decals.


And for what appears to be some form of logical progression, we go from a triple-changer to a quadruple changer with MODEROID Orguss.

Orguss comes from the series Super Dimension Century Orguss, which is the third in the “Super Dimension” trilogy from Big West, the first being Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. But outside of the “Super Dimension” in the title, none of these three are interconnected, though both Macross and Southern Cross were included in Harmony Gold’s Robotech adaptation.

As for Orguss itself, and as mentioned, it has four transformation modes.

Orguss Tank
Orguss Gerwalk — And no, it’s still unrelated to Macross.
Orguss Flyer
Orguss Orgroid

Orguss came out during that time when transformations were the hottest item in mecha anime. So, it’s not really a surprise if they crammed as many modes as they can, regardless of whether those modes actually made sense.

As for the kit itself, while Orguss has more transformations than Galvion, I have a good feeling most of these transformations are actual conversions and won’t use additional parts. I also think it’s also in that slightly larger class of MODEROID kits, which is totally fine it that would allow better engineering for all the conversion they’re including.

Thanks to the caveat I mentioned at the start of this post, I’ll probably skip these kits, though I do commend Good Smile Company for putting more of these variable form designs into kits. If I’ll to buy anything from this list, I’d likely go with Nirvash type ZERO and if the transformation doesn’t involve complete disassembly of the kit, I might pick just one, as you probably know how I prefer my kits that require disassembly for transformation.


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