Stuff on the Office Desk: Xin Li Xing Oversized IDW Optimus Prime (Thrilling 30, Legends Class)

We are now several days into 2023 which means the holidays are over and we’re, unfortunately, back to the daily grind of work. For me, this means going back to the office with the opportunity to replace the figure I have on the desk since mid-December.

Besides catching up on some third-party releases, I also got a knockoff figure last year. I don’t really get knockoffs since they’re mostly upscaled/oversized figures outside my preferred scale or size class, except for this one. This is the Xi Lin Xing voyager class upscale of the Transformers Generations Legends class IDW Optimus Prime, part of their Thrilling 30 releases back in 2013.

If you have the original legends class figure, in which I don’t, then you know what to expect. That said, several bits of surface details were also added in this upscale, most notably on the shoulders. Build quality isn’t the best but surprisingly, the plastic used feels better than your typical knockoff figure. They also included diecast parts, particularly on the truck window chest panels, which made the hinge joints that hold them a little tighter. This version of the IDW Optimus Prime design intentionally leaves a gap between the truck window chest panels that reveals an Autobot insignia. Unfortunately, the original legends class release didn’t have a locking mechanism to keep them in place, so it’s really nice that this knockoff can have that gap without issues.

I also repainted that exposed silver section in the chest that has the Autobot insignia as it originally had some random symbol that I had to remove with paint thinner. I’ll also paint the blade of the energon axe with orange, an accessory that’s actually original to this guy.

So yes, I actually like this thing and if you want to get a copy, then head on to AliExpress or something. You can also check the video review below for additional reference.


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