90’s Mecha Nostalgia Continues: MODEROID Aerial & Ground Battle Frames (Nadesico)

In early 2022, Good Smile Company, through their Mecha Smile Impact event, announced a whole slew of MODEROID releases ranging from arguably the widest spectrum as far as mecha subgenres go. These also include kits that are sure to trigger more 90’s nostalgia. And as 2022 draws to a close, a couple more of these kits are finally getting solicited — those being from Martian Successor Nadesico.

I’m far from being the most knowledgeable Nadesico enthusiast, but with my current familiarity, I am aware that the main workhorse machines in the series are the Aestivalis and there are several types corresponding to different combat situations, first being the Aestivalis Aerial Battle Frame which, as the name suggests, is suited for aerial combat.

The Aerial Battle Frame is primarily characterized by large binders and boosters that should provide ample aerial mobility. It also has a lot of pointed angles and wings which further emphasizes the flight-based aesthetic. The kit is technically non-scale though its head height is at around 120mm, which is around the same height as your standard High Grade Gunpla, and is perfect for my collection.

Articulation for this kit should be your standard MODEROID fare though the long pylons on the various parts of the body may collide with one another. That said, you can definitely put this guy in dynamic poses, especially for a unit meant for flight and high mobility. One primary feature of the Aestivalis units is their assault pit, the frame replacement core. The booster units are connected to the assault pit which can then be jettisoned from the main body and transform as an escape pod, or to dock with another Aestivalis unit.

Shown here is everything that comes with the kit. For weapons, these include a rapid rifle, immediate knife, a field lancer, and an opening spare battery container. The Aerial Battle Frame both clear and pre-painted parts for construction, providing a great-looking kit straight from the box.

MODEROID Aestivalis Aerial Battle Frame
May 2023 / ¥4,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

The second MODEROID Nadesico kit is the Aestivalis Ground Battle Frame. If you’re used to mobile suits from the Gundam franchise, then you would imagine a ground combat unit as a machine with generally neutral colors as to not stand out and be visible from the enemy. Well, this isn’t Gundam as the Ground Battle Frame stands out as much as it could with its hot pink colors.

Questionable color choices aside, this is indeed how the Ground Battle Frame looks. In fact, I’m often reminded of this machine thanks to the old HG kit from Bandai Spirits, which is still being produced. In fact, I was actually thinking of getting those old kits to quench my curiosity for these machines. Thankfully, Good Smile Company steps in with these newer and better ones. As for the kit, it shares the same basic design as the Aerial Battle Frame, which is expected. But the angular and pointy bits are replaced with curves and a more subtle silhouette, which I suppose would serve better for a ground-based machine.

Like the Aerial Battle Frame, the assault pit can also be purged and transform as a form of escape pod or to dock with another Battle Frame. I also think you would need to remove the head units from the assault pits. A signature weapon of the Ground Battle Frame is the wire fist, which is more or less a rocket punch-like weapon that’s tethered to the main body instead of being launched with rockets. To facilitate this, the kit comes with an actual wire that should provide more variety in poses.

Other weapons of the Ground Batle Frame include pairs of rapid rifles and immediate knives. An additional accessory comes in the form of the Grasshopper, which is a smaller mobile weapon that can be displayed in both standard and flight modes using replacement leg parts.

MODEROID Aestivalis Ground Battle Frame
May 2023 / ¥4,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

If you get both kits, then you can mix and match their assault pits to recreate the Cross Crash and Gekigan Flare scenes from the series.

I am already well into the 90’s mecha nostalgia that the folks at Good Smile Company are really pushing. I have my Rayearth kits, Escaflowne kits, and recently ordered their Brain Powerd kits. Adding two more into the mix shouldn’t hurt, right?


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