#4006 / Function-X / Positum (“Alligatorcon” Optimus Prime)

It’s been a week since the folks over at the United States celebrated Thanksgiving and ate good servings of turkey. But unlike Americans, alligators don’t need a specific occasion or celebration to munch on good servings of turkey. Actually, I don’t know where I’m going with this but speaking of alligators, we have FansProject’s Function-X Positum, their version of “Alligatorcon” Optimus Prime from that one episode of The Transformers where he gets disassembled and reassembled into an alligator of all things. Anyway, check out the full gallery by hitting the link below. See you later, alligator!

The CATALOGUE — #4000 / Transformers — #4006 / Function-X / Positum (“Alligatorcon” Optimus Prime)



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