I’ll Take One Please! HG Huckebein Mk-II

When Bandai Spirits announced the reveal of the 4th Super Robot Wars OG High Grade kit this week, I was hoping for a Huckebein or a variation, but I’m not holding my breath on it. Little did I know that I wouldn’t have to hold my breath for long as we are finally getting a Huckebein in this line. Yes, I said a Huckebein because there’s more than one variant of this machine.

As far as I remember, there are three variants of the Huckebein, and that’s not even counting recolors, or the Exbein and its own variants. So, it’s a welcome surprise that Bandai Spirits decided to jump straight ahead and release an HG Huckebein Mk-II kit.

Prior to Bandai Spirits announcing their Super Robot Wars OG lineup, I was already thinking of getting the older Huckebein kits from Kotobukiya. They already have the first Huckebein, the Mk-II, and Huckebein Boxer — which is the Mk-III inside the massive AM Boxer module. As these were old, they’re hard to come by so it’s really fortunate that we are now getting much more modern versions of these designs, from Bandai Spirits no less.

Oh, and for the graphics to follow, I just went straight to the English Bandai Hobby social media accounts for easier explanations.

For demonstrating articulation, we don’t get the same cut-out type of imagery as with their other announcements, so we can’t see what kinds of joints are in place. But they do highlight four points of movement on the torso alone to provide a wider range of movement. You can see this with the torso doing a simultaneous side swivel and forward bend.

As for weapons, let’s start with the Chakram Shooter which is a wire-guided sawblade weapon mounted on the forearm. The kit will include parts to display it both in storage and when deployed and will also come with a wire for the latter option.

And of course, the kit will include parts to build its primary weapon, the G-Impact Cannon. It’s held by the Huckebein Mk-II using two triggers, one for each arm, and is attached to the crotch section of the machine which also provides better stability since this is a long weapon.

In addition, the kit also comes with the Photon Rifle, two beam swords with beam effect parts, splayed manipulators, and a display base which is always a treat. Every kit should include one.

I’m still baffled as to why they decided to go with the Huckebein Mk-II instead of its predecessor unit. Maybe because they recently did a Metal Robot Spirits release and didn’t want to compete with the collector division’s product? Maybe because they can resell this again in the Trombe colors? Who knows, but the important thing is we are finally getting a Huckebein unit from Bandai Spirits and I can’t wait to build mine… right after I build the HG Alteisen.

HG Huckebein Mk-II
March 2023 / ¥4,500


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