All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2022: Let’s Talk MODEROID

One of the more active companies and product lines in recent years, or at least that’s visible to me, is Good Smile Company’s MODEROID line of plastic models. This is the only line I know that’s willing to take on and release model kits from more obscure properties, or those that are popular but don’t get much for some reason. Earlier this year, they already teased a considerable number of upcoming items in their pipeline, so I didn’t expect much for this show, yet they still managed to hide some surprises.

MODEROID Rebuild of Evangelion

Just when you thought the market was already saturated with Evangelion model kits, you get even more kits. That’s right folks, they are doing Evangelion model kits in the MODEROID line. So far, we already have Bandai Spirits, Kotobukiya, Meng, and now Good Smile Company. And while I appreciate the variety that’s available, it begs one to ask how different are these to the rest? Better parts separation, better articulation, more features, and gimmicks? Until we get more details on these, we can only speculate. In any case, we have another company doing EVAs.

MODEROID Tetsujin-28 & New Tetsujin-28

I can’t remember if they revealed one or both kits during Mecha Smile Impact earlier in 2022 but we are presented with colored prototype shots of Tetsujin-28 from both the original Tetsujin-28 series and New Tetsujin-28. I would’ve immediately placed these on my want list if not for just one caveat. You see, I just got the Mini Gokin Tetsujin-28 from New Tetsujin-28 a couple of months ago, and I’m currently looking for a similarly sized Tetsujin-28 figure to match. If I knew Good Smile Company are doing these kits, I wouldn’t have gotten that figure.

Looks like I’ll have to say pass on these two.

MODEROID Martian Successor Nadesico

What I do remember from Mecha Smile Impact are the teases for Martian Successor Nadesico kits, though we’re only shown CG renders at that time. Now, we get colored prototypes for the Aestivalis Land Battle Frame and Aestivalis Aerial Battle Frame. They both look really good and are sharply detailed. It also looks like each kit will include some accessory or support unit. I’m not familiar with the name of the little guy with the Land Battle Frame but it’s there. You will also notice the support stand attached to the Aerial Battle Frame, probably due to the large rear binders though I hope it could still stand without the support.

Unlike the Tetsujin kits earlier, I am getting these ones.

MODEROID Ryu Knight Zephyr (Original & Adieu Legend Ver.)

Lastly, we also got colored prototype images of MODEROID Ryu Knight Zephyr kits. We are shown two versions here — one from the original series and the other from the Adieu Legend OVA. As far as these two goes, both appear to be using exactly the same mold, just with different colors and markings.

They also posted images of other units from the TV series, but I’m really interested in the main protagonist ones.

Among these reveals, I’ll likely get the Ryu Knight and Nadesico ones. Their Evangelion kits look good but again, if they’re not much different from those from the other companies, then there’s really no incentive in getting these kits, but we’ll see as more details come out.


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