Hasbro Pulse Con 2022: Let’s Talk Marvel Legends (Actually, Just Iron Man)

Japan isn’t the only country doing new toy and hobby reveals as over the other side of the Pacific we have Hasbro doing Pulse Con 2022. To those unfamiliar, it is a two-day online showcase of new and upcoming products from Hasbro’s major brands. These include their popular Marvel Legends line to which I’m mainly concerned with Iron Man figures, because. Which means they revealed an Iron Man as I won’t be making this post if they didn’t.

Hasbro has been killing it with these new Iron Man figures using the 80th Anniversary body as the base. It has allowed them to basically do modern versions of older designs, such as Modular Iron Man who most knew with the 90’s animated series and most notably, Marvel VS. Capcom. And while the figure was good and all, one accessory it was sorely missing was the Photon Cannon that made the character so popular in the arcades.

So, it was really a delight when Hasbro revealed during Pulse Con that they are doing a Retro Iron Man figure, again based on the 90’s animated series and especially Marvel VS. Capcom by finally including the massive Proton Cannon, or as they are calling it now, Plasma Cannon.

The figure also comes with a new helmet that closely resembles the one seen in the animated series, the original helmet which I think is meant to be used when displayed with the Plasma Cannon, and a Tony Stark head with a rich mullet.

And if it isn’t that obvious, you would need a display stand to prop up the Plasma Cannon and the figure fortunately comes with one. It also has an assortment of effect parts expected from an Iron Man figure. Though this guy also comes with a Unibeam effect part that you can attach directly to its chest.

What makes these Retro versions actually retro is the packaging, and Iron Man comes with a really retro-looking box.

If you’re a mint-on-card collector, worry not as these apparently aren’t affected by Hasbro’s recent initiative to shift towards plastic-free packaging. Consequently, the Plasma Cannon is separated in its own little box.

Surprisingly, they didn’t reveal anything from the MCU side of things. I assume they are saving those for New York Comic Con which is this month! In any case, I have already pre-ordered this figure from a local hobby shop and you should too before slots are filled up.

Marvel Legends Retro Iron Man
December 2022 / $44.99


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