Solicitations are up! Mastermind Creations’ Reformatted R-48P Optus Prominon (“War Within” Optimus Prime)

I challenge you to name another transforming Transformers figure (that’s not Optus Pexus) that can do this pose, I’ll wait.

Last July, Mastermind Creations revealed a new addition to their Reformatted line, R-48P Optus Prominon, which is a retool of their hyper-articulated Optus Pexus figure and is based on how Optimus Prime appeared in the Transformers: The War Within miniseries.

And in case you’ve forgotten how he looks, let me remind you once again.

And here’s Optus Prominon.

Yes, the guns can actually separate and be shoulder-mounted in different ways.

I mean they’re obviously not exactly the same, but they did make the most of what they could retool from the Optus Pexus mold. Chief being those yellow grilled headlights that turn into the pectorals in robot mode. Then there are the yellow circle jewels in the original that became those yellow circles in the torso for Optus Prominon. On that note, it was a good decision not to replicate the detailed circles on the original as the same details aren’t present in this figure, but what they did still does.

Subtle changes were also made with the head, with Optus Prominon being more angular when compared to Optus Pexus. It’s like that whole Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime deal.

Besides the Ion Blasters and cannons, Optus Prominon also comes with a couple of melee weapons. First is a double-bladed Energon Axe which looks really good, then there’s the Star Saber which is actually a reuse of the same sword that came with Seraphicus Prominon, just in translucent orange instead of translucent blue. Lastly is, of course, the Matrix of Leadership which is probably the same that came with Optus Pexus.

Lastly, here’s everything that comes with this set.

If you missed Optus Pexus, and while this isn’t the exact figure, you are still getting the same great engineering that allowed a highly articulated transforming figure.

Reformatted R-48P Optus Prominon
January 2023 / $114.99


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