Yes, We Have Our Own Rockman: “Combatron” Action Figure Prototypes on Display #ToyConPH2022

While everyone has been gearing up with the return of SDCC onsite in a week or so, our neck of the woods had its own pop culture convention also returning to the show floors as ToyCon Philippines also returned to the show floor last week. It was nowhere as big as SDCC, but the novelty of the event is really toy collectors and enthusiasts connecting with others in the community to celebrate the hobby and waste hard-earned money.

I previously did posts covering this event but for this year, I just wanted to relax and look at the stuff there as any other collector did. That said, I did want to cover a particular figure that’s making its debut in plastic form during the convention. And as the title suggests, it is quite inspired by Rockman / Megaman. He even has a canine partner named “Askal.”

I think the colors alone are a dead giveaway of what I was pertaining to with the title.

This character is named Combatron, created by Berlin Manalaysay and appeared in Filipino Funny Komiks, a serialized publication back in the 90s that featured multiple titles. And just to be clear, I’m not an avid reader of the publication, nor I am well versed with Combatron and its story. But I can, at least, recognize the character enough to get curious about this figure they are releasing.

The figure is supposed to be in the 5.5-inch scale, which I assume is also around the same height Rockman has in 1/12 scale. Two prototypes were on display on the show floor. First is a painted pre-prototype showing the basics of the figure. I bet this prototype is a mix of 3D printed and hand-sculpted/painted parts as the surface are quite rough. But at least this sample should give an idea of the details.

The second sample on display is the more common gray prototype that’s meant to be a concept piece for the articulation points. That said, they might’ve placed the name cards incorrectly as the articulation test sample is displayed “in package” while the mockup is the one in some dynamic pose. In any case, this other sample also provides an idea of how the figure will come packaged and the included accessories.

These accessories include a pair of removable Hip Discs, the backpack/wings, and its signature weapon, the Galactic Space Sword.

While I mentioned I wasn’t the most versed of this character, I was curious enough to secure a pre-order of its figure. And yes, I intend to display this guy along with my single Rockman figure. You can check out other CG renders of this figure here, or pre-order via the link below.

Combatron Collection COMBATRON
Q3 2023 / ₱1,700 (~US$30.00)
Pre-order via ToySack


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