Yep, I’ll Go With The Kits: MODEROID “Brain Powerd” Hime Brain & Yu Brain

As announced during last week’s Shizuoka Hobby Show, Good Smile Company is going to release MODEROID kits for a good amount of mecha from Brain Powerd, way more than what I think Tamashii Nations is willing to do with their Robot Spirits figures. And as expected, the opening kits would be the two protagonist units, Hime Brain and Yu Brain.


For the longest time, we only got one model kit when the series was on air — that old Hime Brain kit back in 1996. And I’ve probably told this story, but I had quite the memory with that kit as that was my first experience building without any polycaps. Ultimately, the kit ended up breaking at every ball joint as the tolerances were a hit or miss deal.

Many years later and we are finally getting a modern kit of Hime Brain. Granted it’s not from Bandai Spirits but I think Good Smile Company has been doing a lot of kits recently that they’ve probably gathered enough know how to put in these. Despite remaining humanoid in design, these Brain Powerd units look completely unique with those proportions and internal mechanisms. The solicitations mention that some parts would be pre-painted, but I do imagine most of the orange bits here would require paint, especially on those forearm armors.

Hime Brain will come with a standard set of accessories. These include the Brain Bar, which is its rifle, Brain Blade, and a chakra ring effect part made from clear painted plastic. You can then mount the antibody in flight using Good Smile Company’s own The Simple Stand or any other display base with a 3mm attachment peg.

Similar to The Robot Spirits figure, the MODEROID versions will also come with an opening cockpit gimmick, also conveniently located on the crotch, though these kits won’t come with a pilot figure. The image above also demonstrates how flexible the kit is after assembly.

November 2022 / ¥4,500
Pre-order via HobbyLink Japan


Now take everything I said about the Hime Brain kit and shift all the Earth tone colors to blue and you will get the Yu Brain kit. That said, it would still be a treat to get both kits are they are meant to be displayed alongside each other.

November 2022 / ¥4,500
Pre-order via HobbyLink Japan

Now do remember these two aren’t the only Brain Powerd kits Good Smile Company is doing. They’ve also announced a good bunch back in Shizuoka Hobby Show, including the Gran Chers and Baronz. Not sure if I’ll get the others but I will probably pick up these two and display along the other late 90s kits in my collection, including those from Gasaraki and Escaflowne.


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