Less Shiny and More Functional: Work-in-Progress #1: Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Zoffy/Ver.Z

Upon receiving the package containing this kit last week, I immediately started thinking of how I’d handle the silver parts. And so, I spent a good chunk of last Saturday watching a bunch of build videos of this kit from Japanese modelers. Most of them did what I expected, using a combination metallic silver finish with candy red for that shiny armor look, like how Tony Stark would build one.

I don’t know if this is just the lazy builder in me, but after watching a lot of those videos, I decided to go on a different route. I wanted to portray these powered armor suits as functional military hardware and those usually don’t look shiny and fancy. So, as you can see here, I just used a good matte topcoat on top of the silver parts, of course after painting the areas that needed color correction.

You can even see the swirls in the plastic they used for the silver bits, and that’s fine with me. These look like sheet metal made into an armor suit, with the swirls even looking like the imperfections left from shaping the metals into the panels you see on the armor itself. As mentioned, I also painted the gray areas on the sides of the torso though they don’t look that much different compared to the silver in this photo, maybe it would with better lighting.

So yes, I may have finally found settled on how I’ll build these Figure-rise Standard ULTRAMAN kits, which translate to more purchases, perfect for season 2 which is coming in a couple of weeks!


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