Eiichi Shimizu Does it Again: RIOBOT Raideen

Eiichi Shimizu is quickly becoming the hottest mecha designer nowadays. From doing Linebarrels of Iron, to the ULTRAMAN manga, and even western properties like Tech-On Avengers most recently. He’s also being tapped by a lot of companies to do redesigns of iconic mecha. And that’s what we have right now as Sen-Ti-Nel announced the latest figure in their RIOBOT line.

The next mecha property getting the Eiichi Shimizu redesign is Raideen from the classic series Brave Raideen. It looks sharp as expected and has all the signature beats you’d expect from a design by Eiichi Shimizu.

At first glance, it still looks pretty much like the Raideen we know. But if you attach all the additional accessories and toy-exclusive gimmicks, then it becomes much more intimidating as you can see.

Before getting into the accessories, you can see that Raideen has good articulation to pull off the poses it’ll need to use its weapons. Though I’m not sure if you can say the same for the feet as it appears to be one single piece along the rest of the lower leg. Going back to the weapons, the figure comes with the signature ones, including the God Arrow, God Gorgon, God Block, and the God Breaker within the God Block.

It also includes replacement a chest piece for the God Voice attack — which have satellite dishes appearing on Raideen’s chest, and apparently the wings as well. As a vocal attack, it only makes sense that the set also comes with replacement screaming face parts. On, and speaking of wings, a good chunk of the redesign goes to the wings which can go over the front of the body for the aforementioned God Voice attack.

But of course, those redesigned wings are especially made for the God Bird mode, and it does make this mode more bird-like. You can attach the God Breaker to the front for some good flying stabbing action. But if that’s not enough, then you can remove the main head unit and replace it with a drill piece. I think this is the toy-original gimmick they are talking about.

I really think it’s a great looking figure, and it’s always a welcome treat to have more Eiichi Shimizu redesigns. As for me, I’ll probably pass and resume looking for the Super Robot Chogokin version.

RIOBOT Raideen
August 2022 / ¥20,000
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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