Gundam Park Fukuoka ✕ The Life-Sized Nu Gundam Statue: Exclusive Gunpla

With every new statue comes a new set of exclusive Gunpla. That’s not a proverb or anything, that’s just the reality that comes whenever a new life-sized Gundam statue is erected. The latest, and technically the fourth one in the world, is the RX-93ff Nu Gundam in Fukuoka which is slated to formally open in Spring. To further hype this occasion, they announced the new attraction, called Gundam Park Fukuoka.

This isn’t your vanilla Gundam Base seen in Tokyo. Gundam Park Fukuoka is an entertainment complex consisting of three areas. There’s VS PARK with G that’s kind of a Gundam-themed sports/interactive area, a Namco area where you can play all those Bandai-Namco arcade games, and Gundam Side-F which is your customary Gundam exhibit area and what not. The whole of Gundam Park is themed like the inside of a space colony where visitors are treated to a large display showing what’s going on outside the colony. This is where you’ll likely see this version of the Nu Gundam flying around.

Speaking of the Nu Gundam, they have announced three kits exclusive to this new entertainment complex.

This first one is quite an obvious choice, with this Nu Gundam being based on the Real Grade, just with the single Long Range Fin Funnel (yes, the Real Grades are finally serving their purpose). It’s also molded in colors that match the life-sized statue and comes with marking seals for the logos and other added design elements.

RG 1/144 RX-93ff Nu Gundam
April 2022 / ¥4,500

Skipping the High Grade entirely, we are instead getting an Entry Grade version of this design. In case you’ve forgotten, the Entry Grade Nu Gundam is slated to be released this April, so it does make sense to have this retool available around the same time. It does make me curious how the Long-Range Fin Funnel is going to be constructed though. Will it have the same color accuracy that made Entry Grade kits such an enjoyable build experience?

Entry Grade 1/144 RX-93ff Nu Gundam

They also announced a BB Senshi version, but I’m not really interested in that kit.

As for overseas availability, because we don’t want to have another Gundam Factory Yokohama scalping situation, the solicitations do mention they’ll also be available at a later date, likely through Premium Bandai. Oh and of course, you can also get these kits at The Gundam Base branches.


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