Impact Indeed! Mecha Smile Impact #MODEROID Reveals: Various Categories

Before 2021 ended, Good Smile Company and its mecha sub-brand Good Mecha Smile have been promoting Mecha Smile Impact, an event which they promise would excite and bring impact to the mecha modeling world. They promised to reveal tons of upcoming model kits and figures from both the MODEROID and The Gattai lines. They had the video presentation of all reveals yesterday and, yep, it was very impactful with almost 40 new items across multiple series and franchises.

For the next set, well, it’s not a specific category they presented. As much as they revealed a lot of upcoming kits, not everything interested me, so I just mixed here those that do. Though I did save one more category for the more notable kits, including the top pick in the polls they did some time ago.

I bet not many are familiar with Idolmaster: Xenoglossia, a 2007 series based on The Idolmaster games, but is a totally different reimagining that injects a whole lot of sci-fi and mecha. In this series, the Idolmasters pilot machines called IDOLs, one of which is Prometheus-1 Imber right here. Right off the bat, it is a very unorthodox design, with the lanky proportions and all. But for some reason, I like it. In fact, I did buy and build Kotobukiya’s MODE LOCK Imber kit as that’s the only way you can have this guy. It was an okay kit, but you would need a lot of work to make it look decent. So, I think it would be interesting to revisit Imber with a better kit thanks to the folks at Good Smile Company.


In yet another case of “good thing I didn’t buy the old Bandai kit” is a new Aestivalis Land Battle Frame kit from Martian Successor Nadesico. Now I know Kotobukiya did make Nadesico kits much later than the old Bandai ones but I never found them anywhere. So Good Smile Company providing another option is very much appreciated. They mention how tons of features are currently in development, including the Wire Fists and an ejecting Assault Pit which is similar to a Core Fighter for a Gundam. And with these Aestivalis units having multiple variations, I’m sure this is only the start of many Nadesico MODEROID kits.

MODEROID Aestivalis Land Battle Frame

Getting into super robots this time, we have Godannar Twin Drive Mode. I actually haven’t watched Godannar!! but I do know that this form of the titular machine is formed by the combination of the normal Godannar and Neo Okusaer. Though it seems this kit won’t have that combination gimmick, which is totally okay for me. I’d rather have two separate machines as kits than a transforming and combining one.

MODEROID Godannar Twin Drive Mode

Thanks to Bandai Spirits releasing the HG Go-Saurer and its partner machines, Good Smile Company decided to skip it in favor of the fourth Eldran Series which is more of a one-shot short you can easily find online. This is Daiteioh from Perfect Victory Daiteioh and if we’re going with their previous Raijin-Oh and Gambarugar kits, this will be a transforming one.

On an unrelated note, I’ve only built a single transforming MODEROID kit, God Mars. As expected, I bought and built two copies since I don’t like transforming model kits, leave those to the pre-assembled figures. But I might give such kits a shot with the MODEROID Gaiking the Great set released in 2020.


Speaking of transforming and combining kits, here’s a classic super robot — Daioja which is formed by the combination of three smaller robots. We have Ace Redder forming the head and upper body of Daioja, Aoider forming the arms and rest of the torso, and Cobalter to finally become the legs.

Now that I look at Daioja over here, it does have similarities with another super robot, Daitarn 3, especially with those shoulder armors, the samurai helmet-looking head unit and the cross-like chest design. And that totally reminded me that I needed to get myself the SMP Daitarn 3, which I missed the pre-order window late last year.


As mentioned earlier, they have a lot more announcements that what I covered here, including Big O, Giant Robo, Zeorymer, and Shin Getter-1 among others. I don’t really plan on getting those but if you’re interested, then check out the rest of the announcements through the video below. And don’t forget I’ll be covering one more group of MODEROID reveals, the really notable ones in my opinion.


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