This One Took a Long While! HG Lancelot Albion

I don’t know what Bandai Spirits is thinking nowadays, but this recent announcement made me realize how they had a habit of starting a model kit line and not really finishing it. Or at least, not after many years later. Back in 2007, they released several Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion kits under their generic Mechanic Collection line, which also included Valvrave the Liberator kits years later. But now that they’re aggressively doing non-Gundam kits as High Grades, they decided to return to Code Geass and finally do a High Grade of this one particular kit.

Coming out after 15 years, we are finally getting the Lancelot Albion as a High Grade 1/35 scale kit. To those unfamiliar, it was the final Knightmare Frame used by Lelouch’s Knight of Zero, Suzaku Kururugi in the second season of Code Geass. It was an overpowered machine, with many comparing it to the likes of the Strike Freedom Gundam but it does look great.

As mentioned, they initially released Code Geass kits back in 2007 so this announcement makes me wonder if this will have all modern engineering or if it will have the same treatment as those older kits. I was able to start building the older Lancelot kit but didn’t finish it so I can’t really say how the overall build experience is. But regardless, this kit looks great. I do expect all those gold parts to be saturated yellow plastic like the older kits, so painting is definitely required.

One of iconic features of the Lancelot Albion is the Energy Wings which would be made from green clear plastic. You can display it deployed by using replacement parts that attach via ball joints to the main body. This should provide articulation but only at a single point per wing. It will also come with the same green clear plastic effect parts for the Blaze Luminous shield.

Other accessories for this kit include two Maser Vibration Swords, four Slash Harkens and their accompanying wires, as well as two Super Varis rifles that you can display as stored, in Hadron Mode, or in Full Burst Mode. I’m inclined to think this is via replacement parts, but we’ll have to see.

Combine these accessories with this kit’s great articulation and you got yourselves a great display piece. Especially if you mount it on an Action Base.

I’m also hoping this release would also lead to Bandai Spirits doing reissues of their older Mechanic Collection Code Geass kits. Either way, if you are eyeing on getting this kit, then get your preferred middleman service ready as this is going to be a Premium Bandai exclusive.

HG 1/35 Lancelot Albion
April 2022 / ¥3,800


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