Let’s Battlin’: 1/35 Scopedog Battling Set (ST Ver.)

Here’s a good reminder of how this site doesn’t just cover Gundam or Iron Man or Optimus Prime stuff. Wave has been doing excellent 1/35 scale Votoms kits for a while, mainly due to how they’re snap fit for more casual modelers. But more importantly, and probably a more self-centered reason, is how they fit into my collection perfectly. So, it’s always a treat when they announce new Votoms kits, despite mine still deep in the backlog, unbuilt.

During their visit to the city of Udo in Armored Trooper Votoms, Chirico and the rest of the gang engaged in Scopedog battles mainly for entertainment purposes. They used identical units not equipped with any mission packs besides the basic weapons. With this premise, and Wave’s infinite wisdom in reusing existing molds, we now have the 1/35 Scopedog Battling Set. Like the source material, the set includes parts to build three identical Scopedog units without any mission packs and only differ in colors.

Chirico Cuvie’s Scopedog
Captain Oriya’s Scopedog
Lieutenant Conin’s Scopedog

As mentioned, these three are identical kits except in color. Not sure if the bare rear sections are new molds since I haven’t built any of the other Scopedog kits. But if you’re a Scopedog completionist, then getting this set is a no brainer. Also note that these kits are ST versions, meaning they don’t have parts to build the cockpit internals when you open the main hatch.

1/35 Scopedog Battling Set (ST Ver.)
April 2022 / ¥9,000
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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