They’re Back! 1/144 “MoMo” (Mobile-Movementess) Model Kits

I was casually browsing HobbyLink Japan, because I have nothing better to do I suppose, when I came across pre-orders of two kits that sounded (or read) familiar — Mobile-Movementess. So, I went to the usual sources and checked for any previous reviews and sure enough, there they were. I’m including one below for your reference.

Mobile-Movementess, or MoMo for short, was the brainchild of designer Toshihiro Shimamoto and involved female-looking mecha. While not new, these designs were an interesting take in this mecha ‘subgenre’, if you will. They also came out as articulated figures in 2014 from Original Effect, one of which is covered by the review above. Not sure how many figures were made but the line suddenly disappeared, and nothing was heard since.

Until recently as original creator Toshihiro Shimamoto came back with a crowdfunding campaign for model kit versions of these designs, dubbed as MoMo-AB or Mobile-Movementess “Advance-Build.” He also explains how Original Effect apparently disappeared, and any progress on the line was put on hold. He then mentions the decision to shift into plastic models with their easier production and more play value thanks to their customization potential.

Together with Shinryaku-Robo, a group active the in the garage kit scene since 1997, they are finally able to bring back new MoMo designs as plastic model kits. In fact, the first wave of kits exclusive to campaign backers has been shipped last August and by February 2022, the first general release kit will be available.

The first MoMo kit would be Orca, a Mobile-Movementess unit mostly in white and black with gold accents. These kits would be 1/144 scale, which is perfect for my collection, and would stand at 18.5cm as their life-sized counterparts would’ve been around 30 meters tall. Orca would be made from 7 multi-colored runners making up 162 parts. Furthermore, parts would be undergated so minimal nub marks would be seen after straight assembly. It would also be snap fit through they’ve noted some parts that would require adhesives. In addition, 17 3mm hard points are located all over its body, allowing for more customization with various option parts.

MoMo-AB 1/144 Orca [White / Black / Gold]
February 2022 / ¥4,500
Order from HobbyLink Japan

The second MoMo-AB kit would be the appropriately named Dread Red, a red and black MoMo unit from the terrorist organization of the same name who’s bent on the destruction of all MoMo units. As far as molding and tooling goes, both kits are identical, sans the face plate. Let’s not forget that these will come from a smaller company and would need to maximize the molds made for these kits.

MoMo-AB 1/144 Orca [White / Black / Gold]
February 2022 / ¥4,500
Order from HobbyLink Japan

There’s no manga or anime tie in to MoMo as far as I know, through they did provide a setting for its story. Set in a future where aliens invade the planet, a mysterious group named “Xodd” lends these giant MoMo units to help in the battle. Mankind was saved and years pass, but hundreds of MoMo units are still left on the planet and their presence threat to upset the global power balance.

I would’ve initially tagged these as curiosity pieces but I jumped the gun and already pre-ordered a copy of Orga. This should look good along with other female-looking mecha like the Strelitzia or Ariel, though I’ve yet to get myself the latter.


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