Cue Jet Jaguar’s Theme Song! S.H.MonsterArts Jet Jaguar (Godzilla Singular Point)

While I’m not the most dedicated Godzilla fan out there, this site would’ve been named “cvphased / KAIJU CATALOGUE” if I was, I do know Jet Jaguar is one of the more beloved robots in the franchise. Well, second to Mechagodzilla. So, it was a treat to see it in the spotlight on last summer’s Godzilla Singular Point. It’s also a treat that we are getting a figure of this guy under the S.H.MonsterArts banner.

Unlike previous versions of this robot, the one appearing in Godzilla Singular Point isn’t scaled to fight large kaiju like Godzilla itself, but more of a piloted machine to combat something a little larger than most humans. That said, the design has the same visual cues to the original, including the iconic chest paintwork and head design, both are captured in detail in this figure. Speaking of details, the optics are produced with clear parts to replicate how it appears in the series.

For accessories, it comes with the Anguirus Spear, which when used, is now referred to as Jet Jaguar β. It also comes with the flight unit used in the final episode. Though it doesn’t come with parts to replicate its prototype configuration where the cockpit hatch is just covered with a metal grill.

Lastly, it comes with an unpainted figure of Yun Arikawa who also went with Jet Jaguar in the climactic battle with Godzilla Ultima. You can put him sitting below the flight unit, although you’ll want to paint him as the greenish color it’s molded in really stands out.

As mentioned, Jet Jaguar doesn’t really scale with Godzilla Ultima, but that shouldn’t stop you for putting it into displays like this one. Also note that this figure is a Tamashii Web exclusive, like most of the good stuff they’re releasing, so get yours over through your preferred middleman service.

S.H.MonsterArts Jet Jaguar (Godzilla Singular Point)
April 2022 / ¥9,000


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