Never Thought I’d Want One: SV-Action SP//dr & Peni Parker

Sen-Ti-Nel is slated to open pre-orders for the SV-Action SP//dr & Peni Parker set and so, solicitation images have dropped, showing what we could expect from this release. These were leaked from Weibo so the official solicitations come November 8 might include more details. But at least we now have a better idea of how the set would look.

Unlike the suits of the other Spider-Men featured in the film, they had to extensively redesign SP//dr from how it appeared in the comics. Recall that the comic book SP//dr is inspired by the EVAs from Neon Genesis Evangelion and as such, translating the design directly to the movie might introduce some complications. The redesign is still lanky with its thin arms and legs, but prominently features a round body with an LED panel for its face. You can also see that Peni Parker is more of an accessory piece thanks to its lack of any articulation. Fortunately, it has great paint applications for that anime-inspired aesthetic.

And while on the subject of articulation, SP//dr can pretty much do the very dynamic poses expected from a Spider-Man variant, especially with an unhindered design like this one. The joints are made from clear blue plastic which is accurate to its on-screen appearance. I’m just hoping it would be able to hold the larger main body. But we won’t need to worry as they are including the standard Sen-Ti-Nel display stand for this release, at least from that prototype shot.

You can also mix and match the arm and leg parts as seen here, with additional attachment points at the back of the main body. Replacement face pieces with different expressions are also included. It also looks like the expressions on these face pieces are lit by an LED inside the main body, which would also light up the Spider-Man insignia on its chest.

While not explicitly mentioned, these SV-Action figures are around 1/12 scale, which should fit well with your other Marvel figures. I would very much put it next to the comic version for some great photos. Here’s how both SP//dr and Peni-Parker would scale next to Miles Morales. As these photos were taken from Weibo, and the solicitations are yet to open, we don’t have any release information right now. I’ll just update this post once they’ve started taking pre-orders. But regardless, I’m really inclined to get this figure, just to have both versions of SP//dr on my display.

SV-Action SP//dr & Peni Parker


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