Sneak Peek Before Release! HG Big Tony [Gagumber & Memempu Custom]

I’m really liking Sacks&Guns!! (or Sakugan) based on the couple of episodes out so far. It has both fantastic mecha actoin, and likable characters with the father and daughter dynamic being used in the show. Let’s also not forget the mechanically cute thing that is Big Tony and its large eyes. So much so that I kind of want to get a copy of it, and I’ll probably will.

So it’s a good thing that Bandai Hobby released a couple of posts on their official staff blog showing some key features, and things to consider when getting this kit. Let’s start with the runners:

The runners are composed of four or five colors, depending on how different the darker shades are, so we’ll pretty much get good color separation out of the box. That said, you would see a fairly sizable sticker sheet at the bottom, which are mostly for white and silver parts, as well as those stripes on the arms and legs Speaking of stickers, they are providing these “3D stickers” for the main headlights which should look really cool. But for the other lights, they are providing normal ones. They also pointed out how Big Tony’s threads are made from flexible plastic which should provide more realism to the design.

They also provided the color guide in both Japanese and English for those who wanted to prepare the paints needed in advance. It’s the usual fare of kits like this though what I’m really noticing is the little travel backpack that Memempu packed. That’s most likely a single piece we’ll have to hand paint the straps and buttons and the like. Hand painting isn’t really my thing, but I’ve learned to do it to some extent, particularly that small HGCC Turn “A” Gundam pilot figure, so I’ll probably do the same with this thing,

They also showed the replacement parts included in this kit. There’s a couple for the side lights on the head unit, , the open form of the drill manipulator arm, and a replacement face part for the shutter and lid. And as mentioned earlier, the lights on these parts are done with stickers.

Articulation on Big Tony is also no slouch, despite the seemingly bulbus design. Its shoulders feature an extended ball joint assembly allowing for wider range of movement. Same goes for the legs, with the tank threads not impeding any articulation. Adding more display options are the included accessories. Outside of the replacement parts, Big Tony also comes with wired anchor parts.

And of course, let’s forget its transformation, which I think works really well and is functional as well, especially when compared to other transforming robots in the genre (looking at most Gundam transformations out there). I mean look at this thing, ain’t it cute?

While I’ve yet to secure a copy of the HG Big Tony, I am definitely placing this together with the HG Reginleif from 86 -Eighty Six-as those kits I’m really close to pulling the trigger on the pre-order button.

HG 1/72 Big Tony [Gagumber & Memempu Custom]
October 23, 2021 / ¥5,200
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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