October is Going to be Busy! Upcoming Mecha Series Promos

2021 has been good to mecha fans thanks to multiple series premieres compared to the previous years. With the Summer 2021 anime season ending and Getter Robo Arc wrapping up, I assume, the upcoming Fall anime season would be filled by four new mecha anime by my last count. With three of them dropping new promotional clips to excite fans even more.

86 -Eighty Six- (Season 2)

86 -Eighty Six- was one of the sleeper hits of the Spring 2021 season thanks to its unique premise and story telling, coupled with great characterization and gripping action scenes. The first season was a great adaptation of the first volume of the manga, which is more or less a complete story on its own. So it makes me curious how they’ll proceed given the multi-volume stories kicked off by the second volume. Regardless, I’m looking forward to catching this one when it premieres on October 2.


Another series set to premiere next month is Sacks&Guns!! or “Sakugan” as seen here. I’ve previously written a post on its premise but as a refresher, it tells a story far in the future where humans have been pushed to live in a deep underground world called “Labyrinth”. In it are several colonies, each having a different industry resulting to varying living conditions. Our main protagonists are the father-daughter tandem of Memempu and Gagumber who travels deeper into Labyrinth to find her mother with the help of their trusty worker robot Big Tony.

The latest promotional video they released uses the series’ ending theme “Because of you” sang by the Thai YouTube cover artist-turned actual recording artist MindaRyn. The visuals really set the tone between the action scenes and the father-daughter adventure at its core. Sacks&Guns!! is set to premiere on October 7.

Megaton Musashi

Now I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of Megaton Musashi before. Well, it’s because Level 5 (Danball Senki, Yokai Watch) announced this multimedia project back in 2016. I don’t really know what happed but I guess it took them quite a while to get things rolling on this project. Regardless, we are finally getting the Megaton Musashi anime whose story is set after an invasion which left 90% of humanity wiped out. The remaining survivors live in shelters where everything is monitored and memories of the invasion subsequently wiped out. Here we’re introduced to three teenagers who pilot machines made from Megatronium alloy and combine to form Musashi.

Level 5 productions are usually geared towards children though I think this is one of their more serious stories (there’s also Gundam AGE but that’s for another day). Not bleak serious but more of an actual threat and stakes. I’m quite curious about this show and will be watching it as it drops first among the three mentioned here on October 1.

Let’s not forget that Kyoukai Senki is also set to premiere in October, as well as the six-part Gundam Breaker Battlogue animation project. Basically, it’s high time to be a mecha fan in Q4 2021!


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