New Kotobukiya “The Brave Fighter” Solicitations: Duke & Fire Parts

The other set Kotobukiya has opened solicitations for is Duke & Fire Parts from Brave Police J-Decker. Similar to the earlier Dran & Great Parts set, this one is another combination of a smaller sized robot and additional parts for the final combination.

J-Decker’s final combination is Fire J-Decker which is our titular robot combined with Duke Fire. And while we’ve yet to get a Duke Fire kit, what we’re getting in this set is its core robot BP-119 Duke.

Like Dran in my previous post, Duke also comes with multiple per-painted face parts for various expressions, sword, pistol, and badge — which, like Deckard, would require some painting to be screen accurate. As seen above, he does look great along with Deckard so that’s an additional display option if you already have the previous sets.

But of course, the main event of this set are the Fire parts that, when combined with J-Decker, forms his final combination, Fire J-Decker. The new parts are added to the torso, forearms, feet, and large horns for the head. Then there’s his signature weapon, the Fire Sword that comes in both normal and special perspective versions so that you can do the “Brave Perspective” or as I’m more familiar with , the “Sunrise Pose“.

In case this isn’t enough, you can also add the Max Cannon from the Deckard set to form Fire J-Decker Max Cannon Mode where it can dish out both ranged and close combat attacks without problems. And again, similar to Great Goldran, I may have to get another J-Decker kit as a dedicated base for the Fire parts. But we’ll see, I haven’t even shipped mine off of HobbyLink Japan’s Private Warehouse. Speaking of HobbyLink Japan, you can pre-order this kit by hitting the link below.

Duke & Fire Parts
January 2022 / ¥7,800
Order from HobbyLink Japan


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