For the last three posts, I’ve been taking individual looks at the components that make up what I consider as the largest RIOBOT set to be released, the RIOBOT SRX. To those still unfamiliar, the SRX is comprised of three Real Personal Trooper units, creatively named R-1. R-2 Powered, and R-3 Powered. Each has its own distinct function and their design match these accordingly. And while each unit is great on its own, the real selling point of this set is the SRX, its massive combined form. So without further ado, let’s look at the RIOBOT SRX and why you’d want to get this guy instead of the three separate units.

This is how the RIOBOT SRX (or Super Robot Type-X) looks when combined, and it is multicolored as heck. While older super robot designs are also multi-colored primarily to sell toys, they still have some coherent scheme to follow. Like how GoLion / Voltron (Lion Force) has differently colored arms and legs, but the arms and legs themselves still have unified colors by themselves. The SRX on the other hand is akin to Dairugger XV / Voltron (Vehicle Force) where the colors are all over the place. But that’s also the charm of this design, which is more of an homage to these classic super robots. It also really gives that impression that different machines combined to form this guy.

I also mentioned in the previous posts how tall each individual unit is before combination. This is to give you an idea of how massive the combined SRX is at a whopping 350 mm tall to the top of the wing binders. It’s also made up more than 1000 individual parts which is distributed between the R-1, R-2 Powered, and R-3 Powered units. There’s basically a lot of engineering going on with this guy and is probably the most complex RIOBOT figure ever released. To compensate for this complex construction, it is made up of ABS and die cast parts which also allows for very decent articulation, though I don’t imagine anyone getting this guy into some high flying pose, but you are not discouraged to do so.

It has fully articulated hands and individual fingers though I think this is a separate piece from the ones used as barrels for the R-2 Powered’s twin cannons. This allows the SRX to wield its signature weapon, the ZO Sword which is, again, taller than the SRX itself. But instead of directly holding the sword, it actually uses an adapter piece that you clamp the sword with, then you attach the adapter piece to the hand. Not sure why they did this but it’s probably due to the sheer size of this weapon. Speaking of the ZO Sword, you can display it being deployed from the chest unit of the SRX, most likely via various parts that shift and open.

Similar to its individual components, the SRX also has a ‘light up’ feature though I’m inclined to believe that it’s the same black / UV light reactive paint as with the individual machines. I could be wrong and these might actually be LEDs but then again, the solicitations doesn’t mention any so I’m thinking it’s the former. Then there’s the Zine Knuckle attack in which both of its fists glow. This also might be black / UV light reactive paint or just a pair of light-green painted fists altogether. In any case, it looks amazing.

So that’s the RIOBOT SRX in a nutshell, and it’s expensive as heck at ¥65,000 (i.e. $650~). At the moment, I’m at 70/30 of getting one but I can imagine the damage my wallet has to endure. Not to mention the added shipping and customs duty charges. And as previously mentioned, you have two ways of getting this set. You can either get the individual components starting in August, with each coming out two months after; or you can get the whole set in December for the price tag it’s asking for. As this guy is being announced as early as today, you have more or less a year to save up if you really intend on purchasing this set.

I’ve yet to see whether I’ll give in and hit the checkout button on this set but at least there are options.

December 2021 / ¥65,000


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