The Ultimate RIOBOT Set, Part 2: RIOBOT R-2 Powered

It’s been a while since Sen-Ti-Nel revealed that they’re doing a RIOBOT SRX set though I didn’t make any coverage as I wasn’t really that interested. But now that official solicitations are up, oh man, these look really good. It’s also nice of them to break the set up into its three main components just in case you didn’t want to get the whole deal, buy why wouldn’t you? Any who, let’s dissect the SRX and focus on the first machine of this combiner, RIOBOT R-2 / R-2 Powered.

Did some searching as I’m not the most knowledgeable in Super Robot Wars OG lore, and found that R-2 Powered is actually the outfitted form of the R-2 (or the Real Personal Trooper Type-2) to include two rear mounted 5-barrelled cannons that also doubles as the arms of the SRX combined form. R-2 also contains the Tronium Engine which powers SRX, requiring the heavier armor configuration. As for the figure, heck it looks amazing, with all the accurate paint applications and sharply sculpted details.

You are given multiple options when displaying this figure, and that’s not even mentioning the whole combination bit. Outside of the twin shoulder cannons, or the Hi-Zol Launchers, it also comes with its Magna Beam Rifle. Similar to R-1, the optical units of R-2 also react to black light for even more display options.

To combine and form SRX, you basically need to split R-2 Powered into several components which form the mid-section, shoulders, and arms of the larger machine. It also comes with the ZO Sword which is huge, even taller than the SRX itself!

For scale, R-2 stands at 125 mm, and given that a life-sized R-2 unit would stand at 18.2 meters, it means that this set is more or less at 1/144 scale. Giving me yet another less reason not to get this set. So if I’m at 60/40 on getting the SRX set as of the last post, now I’m at 65/35. And we’re still yet to look into the third unit of the SRX combiner and the big robot itself. My resistance from getting this set is really being tested.

RIOBOT R-2 Powered
October 2021 / ¥20,000


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